If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us! If you’ve never seen us at a show, it might help to take the tour first.

What are Klicks?

Klicks are button-style charms that you can mix, match, and wear in many different combinations. This style is popular in Europe but hasn’t really launched in the US, so let us explain a little about how they work. The charms are like software that you can install however you like on our separately available hardware – they just pop on and off with a little pressure.

We have necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains, and rings – pick what you want to wear, how you want to wear it, and purchase both. You don’t have 10 ears – just get one pair of earrings, then several pairs of klicks to swap out on them. That way you get more awesome for less money. Make sense? You can always contact us with any questions.

How do I swap Klicks on my necklace / keychain / etc?

We recommend taking the jewelry off first so you can use both hands.

To pop them off, just apply a bit of pressure underneath the Klick with a thumbnail. You’ll see a seam between the rim of the Klick and the metal setting – that’s where you want to split them apart.

To put new ones in, just firmly press the Klick in. You’ll hear it set, and it should rest firmly against the setting.

If the Klick pops back out, or you can see that it isn’t firmly set against the base, push the Klick firmly against the setting, and twist it back and forth a little while keeping pressure on – just give it a little shimmy-shimmy.  The Klick should stay in place.

We are always refining our process and hardware to reduce “poppers” from happening – sometimes the problem is with the jewelry slot, and sometimes with the Klick itself. If you receive a piece of jewelry or a Klick that just won’t stay together, please contact us for a fully tested replacement.

How are they made?

We now work with our printer to take our designs and create small runs of finished charms, instead of the wrist-crushing nightmare of home assembly.

This has increased our quality tremendously without us having to increase costs – but we still go through our own quality assurance process, testing image centering, glass quality, color quality, and popping.

Please understand that we’re still just two schmucks – there may be minor imperfections in your Klick upon very close inspection. If you think that what you received is unwearable, send us a photo of the issue and we will gladly replace it.

Why isn't there a discount for buying a Klick Bundle?

The mix-and-match nature of Klicks is very hard to integrate into an online shopping cart. In order to keep the shipping value and total price of a complete bracelet or necklace correct, we set ALL of the Klicks to the discounted price of $2, and increased the cost of Hardware to make up for it.

This makes custom designs the correct price, and also makes additional Klicks less expensive. Basically, we’re giving EVERYONE a deal. The bundles are intended to help organize our many, many designs, rather than to provide a discount.

Are your board games any good?

Absolutely. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the time left over after doing all of this stuff to attend game conventions and really get the word out there across a wide range of people.

One of our goals for 2016 is to record some how-to-play videos to show them off a little better.

Why is the number on my cart icon so high?

When you add a Bundle, the system counts (1) item for the bundle, and (x) items for however many were in the bundle. So a single 5-Klick bundle will count as 6 items in the cart.

It’s a little annoying, but it should make more sense when you’re actually checking out and see the bundles broken out.